It was as crazy as I’ve ever seen. I had AA and KK in the first 10 hands but had T1020 when they were over. I fought my way back until I attempted to bust wil with my weak AK vs. his TT. Down to next to nothing, I pushed 7 times before getting called. Of course, when Waffles called me, I finally had a legit hand (JJ) and it held up. Suddenly I was in 2nd.

But then again, I wouldn’t have been in that spot except for one of my top five all time suckouts a little earlier in the tourney:

I hold JJ and get all in with Waffles after a flop of 5c 6c 7c. I didn’t have a club, but I knew Waffles didn’t have two. I did, however fear he had one. Had I gotten the chance to push first, I don’t think there’s anyway he calls with pocket deuces (one of them a club). But there it was, I was ahead, but afraid. I was 55% to win and Waffles 40%. The turn was a 9 of clubs. Ugh. Suddenly, Waffles was 81%. I thought I was drawing dead.

But I forgot I’m The Luckbox.

The Q of clubs on the river chopped it up. It was a pivotal point for me and I’m sure it didn’t make Waffles happy. Now he’ll post about his 81%.

My tournament went all wrong when I battled rtp online again. This time I had KK and he had the weak AK. Of course, he flopped one Ace and turned another and I was crippled again. Thankfully, I slipped into the final table and cashed in 8th. It was a crazy tourney.

You may remember when I introduced Jena a few weeks back. It turns out that the HAMMER is now a regular part of her tournament strategy. Here’s an email she sent me:

Hey CJ,

Mike & I played in a local tournament Sunday afternoon. I was the big blind on my fifth hand of play when the hammer struck. There were six callers so there was $700 in the pot when I finally looked at my cards. I tried to refrain from laughing as I raised to $300 and got four callers. The flop comes 72Q rainbow. The turn is A and we are down to two players. The river seals the deal with a 2! The showdown comes — my opponent flips over AK proudly until all eyes fall dumbfounded to my ducks full of 7’s. I begin to laugh raking in a monster pot as the muttering begins — Mike is at the next table and yells, “Don’t gloat!”

I end up taking second place winning a cool $1,050.

Thanks for the lesson!


Well played, Jena… and if you’d like any more lessons, you know how to find me!