lennie10 picked up sanghoki , while his opponent held KhKc. The pot was going to be a split…or was it? Both players raised, and ended up getting in for 1800 each. The flop came down 7d6d6s, and lennie10 bet out 2000, which his opponent called.

The turn was the 8d, and lennie10’s opponent check-called 4000. The river was the 3d, which made lennie10 the flush, overcoming his opponent’s equal hand! Both players checked, and lennie10 gathered up a huge pot.

252 players remain at the early stages of Level 2.

Big cards, bullying and botched hands

Bartyuk has found a pro at his table by the name of Brad Booth. You’ll find Booth on the popular poker show High Stakes Poker, regularly sitting in with the likes of Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu. Booth has been putting the rest of the table through its paces, and bartyuk has slipped to 9000 chips.

Meanwhile, lennie10 has torn it up, flopping the nuts on this next key hand. Holding 53o in the big blind, two limpers came in and lennie10 checked it. The flop comes A 2 4, giving our hero the absolute nut straight. lennie10 bets out 500 and was called by one other player. The turn was checked around, and a bet of 3000 was fired on the river by lennie10. His opponent called, and showed pocket Deuces for a flopped set. Not good enough against a straight!

An incident occurred at a random table involved a misdeal. Three players to the flop of Q K Q, and the first bets out. The second player folds, after which the dealer begins the push the pot towards the first player, not realising the third player is still in the hand. As the pot is pushed, the bettor turns up AK just before the third player protested that he was still in!

The tournament director is called over, and after discussion it was ruled that the hand must continue with the AK face up, while the other player needn’t show their hand. Disaster was averted, however, as it was checked all the way down and the AK held up against AT.

Current chip counts:

lennie10: 34,000

miw210: 40,000

bartyuk: 9,000

pelicancruse: 10,000

Average stack is approximately 22,000.

Level 3 has commenced with blinds at 100/200, 25 ante.

End of Level 1

Before the end of Level 1, pelicancruse picked up pocket Jacks, but ran up against pocket Queens. Only down to 16,000 chips, and it could have turned out much worse!

Bartyuk picked up the rockets on the button, two players limp in and he raises 2000 to go. Both players call, which spells possible bad news. Flop comes K Q 5, and the early limper bets 1000. The second limper folds and Bartyuk calls. Blank, check check on the turn. The river is a King, and the opponent fires out 2000, which Bartyuk calls. Bartyuk lost a huge pot to a set of Kings.

On the next hand, however, Bartyuk flopped a King-high flush, and managed to grab a few chips back.

miw420 continues to accumulate chips, now holding 29,000. lennie10 is still around the starting point, holding 19,800. The average stack is currently around 25,000.

The prize pool has just been announced, with $7.8 million ready to be paid out to 80 of 780 entrants in this year’s event. First place will pick up AUD$1,650,000, while second place walks away with a cool million. Every player in the room now has their eyes set on the prize.