Crossfire Sales Expectedly Low but Execs are Happy Nonetheless

A slow initial start to Pacifica sales reportedly had Chrysler Group executives concerned, but it seems the luxury crossover is starting to fulfill expectations. Chrysler dealers sold nearly 7,000 new Pacificas in the U.S. and Canada in June, more than three times the sales it experienced the month prior.

And the Pacifica should do well, given its classic good looks, premium quality, 7-passenger capacity and reasonable price. It actually employs quite a few Mercedes-Benz components, including a sophisticated 5-link rear suspension which effectively smoothes out bumps while offering sporty handling. No doubt the unique crossover will continue to win over fans.

The Crossfire should win over converts too. At least that is what Chrysler Group execs are hoping. Still sales are nowhere near those of the Pacifica. While the model is only just becoming available north of our border in Canada, it sold just 275 examples in the U.S. during June, a partial month as the luxury sports coupe only just went on sale. Even though the numbers are comparatively low, Chrysler execs are said to be happy, having never expected it to be a big seller.

While most sports coupe buyers probably wouldnt think of putting Chrysler on their shopping list, the dramatic two-seater deserves a seriously close look. Like Pacifica, Crossfire makes the best use of the Mercedes-Benz relationship, using almost 40% of the slick SLK roadster. The hardtop Chrysler delivers better interior quality than the majority of premium sports cars, a wonderfully refined powertrain and one of the most athletic chassis available today. It is easily the equal of Audis TT, BMWs Z4, Infinitis G35 Coupe and Porsches Boxster, in all criteria.

If sales remain exclusively low and Chrysler continues willing to allow the European built sports car to benefit its brand by halo effect only, savvy buyers might have a real collectible on their hands. And no doubt when word of mouth gets out regarding just how good it is, its trickle down effect will directly benefit the sales of Pacifica, as well as the rest of the Chrysler lineup.