California City Becomes Largest in Country to use B100 Fleet Wide

The City of Berkeley has long been associated with innovation and public policy. There are more than many firsts that have come from this proud and progressive community. On June 24, Berkeley announced another major first, the transition to 100 percent biodiesel (B100) in their diesel powered fleet vehicles. Its an excellent example to other […]

An Interview with Uniroyals Roger Stapley

A Man with a P.H.D in Rubberology I recently had the opportunity to meet with the Uniroyal Tire Doctor himself, Roger Stapley. Hes been in the tire industry for over 30 years and had some great information and advice regarding the rubber that connects us to the road. Being the time of year Roger wanted […]

Green Report: Ford Bringing Fuel Cells into Our Reality

Quality Award Flies in the Face of J. D. Powers Vehicle Dependability Study Im not much of a country music fan, but there is an old song by Willie Nelson that seems appropriate here. “On the road again, just cant wait to get on the road again.” Ford is on the move again with their […]

Industry Report: Expanding Displacement Efficiency to Improve Fuel Economy

While Nothing New for Mercedes-Benz, GM Looks Back to the Future to Improve Fuel Economy Do you remember Cadillacs V-8-6-4 engine from the early 1980s? If it didnt show off the brands forward thinking engineering skills it probably would be best to leave its memory hiding in some dark recess of automotive history as just […]