Building a trust startup team

In most scenarios, the success of a Brassica trust startup depends upon the quality of its team. From co-founders to management and its employees, everyone should be efficient . There  shouldbe a  blend of great and excellent people, as there is no room for mediocre people.. – Get Co-founder: You should try to have co-founder(s). You […]

U_2Good4_Me wins Full-Tilt-Poker 꽁머니 토토 XII Event 17

  Last night saw the return of a staple 꽁머니 토토 event, the 6-max rebuy. The buy-in was set at $300, with a sizable $1,000,000 guaranteed ensuring the prize pool was well stocked. Although only 961 players opted to compete it seems they weren’t shy about reloading when their chips got low. A total of 1795 rebuys, […]

Three New Tournament Innovations from Full Tilt

In their latest update, Full Tilt togel hongkong added three new innovations to the world of online poker.   All three have to do with tournaments or Sit & Go’s. The first, Rush togel hongkong Tournaments, is a game which takes their game of Rush Poker and gives it the structure of a tournament. The other two, […]

Schildy1984 wins togel Singapore WCOOP Event 28

This year’s World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing at PokerStars, with players from around the globe competing for awesome prize pools in exciting tournaments. We’re fast-approaching the halfway mark of the series, so a huge amount of cash has already been won but, more importantly, there’s also a lot of it up […]

Blackjack Tips

A quick search of the internet for blackjack tips will bring up thousands of pages. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what they believe is the perfect strategy for playing blackjack but not all are correct. Here are a few pointers so that you do not have to spend valuable playing time reading […]

togel hongkong Strategy: Splitting Tens

At long last, we are now at the end of my series on blackjack togel hongkong basic strategy for splitting pairs. I hope you’re as excited to reach the finale as I. In this series, we have dealt with some pairs that you should always split, some that you only split if the dealer is […]

Blackjack Strategy: Dealer 9 Card


If you want to make money at blackjack – or at least reduce the amount that you lose – you need to learn, memorize and stick to basic strategy. Because of its importance, I am covering basic strategy from every conceivable angle. Here is what to do when the dealer shows a 9 as the […]

$85 Million Richer?

CALIFORNIA – As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle: “Carole Warner said Friday that she won $85 million in the California Lottery but isn’t sure if she will claim the money. “That’s if she can find the ticket. “The Benicia resident said she doesn’t want the cash — and a trailing pack of instant friends, […]

Helping people make bets on a website

situs poker online

The webmaster of the portal was indicted by New Jersey authorities in Nov. 2004 for facilitating gambling. The affiliate apparently took money from would-be players directly in order to help them place bets. It seems that if he had simply advertised the gambling operations and not gotten directly involved he probably would have been […]

Blackjack Card Counter Continues to Fight Casino Ban

pkv games

Blackjack player Thomas Donovan is back in court fighting for his right to play blackjack and count cards at Grand Victoria Casino and Resort in Indiana. The casino banned Donovan in 2006 when they discovered he was using card counting strategies to consistently beat the casino’s blackjack games. Tom Donovan, a retired computer programmer, claims […]