The World Series of Bocoran Slot Gacor is gearing up to the main event next week — the $10,000 no-limit hold’em tournament.

A lot of big names are doing very well this year in the WSOP. Former world champ Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has won an incredible two events and one $115k second place. Toto Leonidas won a bracelet. Erik Seidel beat out Men “The Master” (who has 2 second places so far) in a thriller. The grandfather of poker literature, Doyle Brunson, even won one! Layne Flack, who’s had a great couple of years, won the Omaha hi-lo event. My favorite player, John Juanda, has had a couple money places as well as a bracelet in 7 stud. Phil Hellmuth Jr. continues to excel, after winning a gold bracelet and $171k in the $2500 limit tournament. Huck Seed, Annie Duke, the list goes on — I really wish that pokerpages was doing net broadcasts like they did last year because there’s a lot of starpower in these events.

This year has the widest collection of “big names” on the winner’s list of any WSOP I remember. And as I write, Phil Ivey, the child prodigy star of Atlantic City poker, is chip leader at the final table of the 7-stud tournament.

Link to full schedule and results

Update: Men “The Master” Nguyen won the 7-stud tournament, overcoming a daunting 4-to-1 chip deficit to Phil Ivey when he came to the final table. I’ve played with Men a few times in tournaments, and he’s undoubtedly a great player. He came into this final table a huge underdog and took it away from several of the best stud players in the world fair and square.

suburban xanadu

David Schwartz (blog), coordinator of the UNLV Gaming Studies Research Center, is coming out in July with what looks to be an interesting book on the rise of legal gambling in Vegas and beyond:

The lures and promises of the casino have evolved dramatically over the course of the past century, and the suburban oasis of today’s casino resort is hardly the den of iniquity castigated by anti-gambling critics or romanticized by casino operators. Today, we live in a veritable “casino archipelago” in which most Americans live within a four-hour drive of one of the all-inclusive hotel/restaurant/and entertainment complexes. So what are the forces behind this phenomenon?

top ten signs your local politician is a problem gambler

In honor of Tuesday’s entry, and recent public events, I offer you my own top ten list.

  1. Refers to himself in interviews as “one hot pony”
  2. Overheard saying to his opponent, “I’m going to bust you like 22 against a 6”
  3. Entertainment at his victory party: Carrot Top and Siegfried & Roy
  4. Platform is education, economic reform and “comped steak and shrimp buffets for the homeless”
  5. Re-election posters are all done in bright, flashing neon
  6. Hands out coupons giving you 5 “match play” votes for every 5 you make
  7. His desk is covered in green felt; every 30 minutes he claps his hands and takes a smoke break
  8. Introduced a bill to put slot machines into public bathrooms
  9. His wife dresses in a skimpy outfit, wears a nametag and serves free drinks to campaign staff for dollar tips
  10. Campaign fundraising goal: $8.1 million. Campaign budget: $100,000.