A quick search of the internet for blackjack tips will bring up thousands of pages. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on what they believe is the perfect strategy for playing blackjack but not all are correct. Here are a few pointers so that you do not have to spend valuable playing time reading nonsense articles!


Dealer’s up-card – The vast majority of blackjack tips revolve around what up-card of the dealer you can see. Knowing one of the dealer’s cards allows you to make an educated guess at their possible holding, especially when you take into consideration your cards also. There is a direct relationship between what your hand totals up to and the dealer’s up-card, as some hands become unplayable where as others are a mandatory 789bet login double-down depending on what the dealer is showing.


Hard & Soft Hands – Your hand is counted as hard if it does not contain an ace and soft if it does. If you have a hard 17+ you should always stand, regardless of what card the dealer has showing, this is because the risk of busting is too great plus the dealer has to stand on 17 so you also stand a relatively good chance of pushing or even winning the hand.


Doubling Down – If you have a hard ten you should double down if the dealer is showing any card that is not an ace or a ten and simply hit if he is showing one of these cards but if your hand is a hard eleven, you should double down on every dealer up-card apart from the ace and simply hit if the ace is on show. The reasoning behind this is there are more tens in the deck than any other card so you stand a great chance of hitting 20 or even 21. However, if the dealer has a ten or ace showing, doubling down could cause you to make an expensive second best hand.


Splitting Pairs – When you are dealt a pair make sure you never split fives or tens, instead you should be doubling down on most pair of fives and standing on every single pair of tens you are dealt. Aces and eights should always be split, as should nines unless the dealer is showing a seven, ten or ace, whilst most pairs under sevens should be split if the dealer is showing a card lower than an eight but just hit otherwise.


Insurance – One last thing, if the dealer is showing an ace then you may be offered insurance. Taking insurance is very rarely a bet with positive expectation so tend to decline the dealer’s offer of insurance against blackjack.