Italdesigns Brera Wore the Alfa Romeo Badge at the Request of Fiat Execs

Much ado has been made about the future return of Fiat owned Alfa Romeo to North America, an event every import performance car fan cant wait to see happen.

While the automakers sport hatchbacks and sedans are beautifully styled and dynamically sporty, the cars that will once again position Alfa on everybodys radar will be their flagship coupe and spyder convertible. Based on the Italdesign Brera concept (see Alfa Romeo Brera Special in concept car section of this web site), an award winning Giorgetto Giugiaro design, a new hardtop will debut about the same time as the brand makes the voyage across the Atlantic, about 2006 or 2007.

The Brera uses Maserati underpinnings, including its 4.2-L V8, but the production cars innards will be comprised of more affordable components. This has Brera fans, and there are a lot of them, concerned about Alfas finished product. Cost cutting, certification requirements, and the use of Alfa-based architecture could change the shape of the sexy model, reducing its appeal. Alfa Romeo officials are only saying that every precaution is being taken to retain the original concepts proportions.


Most Alfisti wont mind the exclusion of the Breras Lamborghini Murci�lago style scissor-type doors, as more conventional portas will bring the price closer to reality. Conventional doors will also allow fully opening windows, a feature weve all become rather accustomed to.


Alfa fans also wont mind a standard 6-cylinder engine, due to affordability once again. Why a return to a V8, mirroring the highly collectable 1979 through 1977 Montreal coupe, would be appreciated, and still isnt completely out of the picture for a lower volume top-of-the-line version, it is highly unlikely.


The thought of front-wheel drive will have true sports car fans cringing mind you, with most hoping for all-wheel drive to be optional at the very least.


Unfortunately Italdesign doesnt have production capabilities so the new coupe will most likely be built at Pininfarina, where it would replace production of the current coupe. No doubt a convertible, or spyder, will be constructed alongside.