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  The World Series of Bocoran Slot Gacor is gearing up to the main event next week — the $10,000 no-limit hold’em tournament. A lot of big names are doing very well this year in the WSOP. Former world champ Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has won an incredible two events and one $115k second place. Toto Leonidas won a bracelet. Erik Seidel beat out Men “The Master” (who has 2 second places so far) in a thriller. The grandfather of poker literature, Doyle Brunson, even won one! Layne Flack, who’s had a great couple of years, won the Omaha hi-lo event. My favorite player, John Juanda, has had a couple money places as well as a bracelet in 7 stud. Phil Hellmuth Jr. continues to excel, after winning a gold bracelet and $171k in the $2500 limit tournament. Huck Seed, Annie Duke, the list goes on — I really wish that pokerpages was doing net broadcasts like they did last year because there’s a lot of starpower in these events. This year has the widest collection of “big names” on the winner’s list of any WSOP I remember. And as I write, Phil Ivey, the child prodigy star of Atlantic City poker, is chip leader at the final table of the 7-stud tournament. Link to full schedule and results Update: Men “The Master” Nguyen won the 7-stud

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: Getting Married THIS WEEK?!

  It’s been a rocky road for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The fact that their relationship began on the set of The Rum Diary (while Johnny was still in a relationship with the mother of his children) should’ve been all the tip-off Amber needed, and sure enough, there have been rumors that Depp’s drinking is driving heard away. But either the rumors about Johnny sobering up are true, or Amber just shrugged and went, “Meh. He’s super rich,” because Page Six reported today that Johnny and Amber will tie the knot at his private island in the Bahamas some time this week. “She’s filming a movie in London and he’s getting ready to film the next Pirates of the Caribbean in Australia,” says one insider. “So this is the only time everyone could get together.” The source adds that accommodations on the island are so “sparse” that everyone in attendance will be forced to sleep on a boat. Only Depp would spend a week partying on a boat right before he goes off to film a pirate movie for three months. The island reportedly has a number of small beaches – two named after Depp’s kids, one named after his ex Vanessa Paradis, and two named after his departed friends Marlon Brando and Hunter S. Thompson. We imagine that was an awkward conversation: “Where

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The Crazy rtp online

  It was as crazy as I’ve ever seen. I had AA and KK in the first 10 hands but had T1020 when they were over. I fought my way back until I attempted to bust wil with my weak AK vs. his TT. Down to next to nothing, I pushed 7 times before getting called. Of course, when Waffles called me, I finally had a legit hand (JJ) and it held up. Suddenly I was in 2nd. But then again, I wouldn’t have been in that spot except for one of my top five all time suckouts a little earlier in the tourney: I hold JJ and get all in with Waffles after a flop of 5c 6c 7c. I didn’t have a club, but I knew Waffles didn’t have two. I did, however fear he had one. Had I gotten the chance to push first, I don’t think there’s anyway he calls with pocket deuces (one of them a club). But there it was, I was ahead, but afraid. I was 55% to win and Waffles 40%. The turn was a 9 of clubs. Ugh. Suddenly, Waffles was 81%. I thought I was drawing dead. But I forgot I’m The Luckbox. The Q of clubs on the river chopped it up. It was a pivotal point for me and I’m sure it didn’t

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Then one guy stopped the conversation and looked sbo at me.

  “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Tom Green?” he asked, as if it was the most serious question in the world. I looked at him and tried to figure out of he was needling me or not. I explained that, no, I’d never been told I looked like sbo Green, that he was the first to ever bring up such a possibility. I said I considered myself more a “Josh Charles” or, if I’m lucky, “Wil Wheaton” type of character. I’m the average white boy. And I’m not Canadian. Given, in the past month, I’ve let some scrub brush grow out on my face in what will likely be a failed experiment in testosterone fiddling. Perhaps that’s what led the guy to liken me to the Canadian shock comc. I tried not to think about it, but it stuck in my head as I went back for the second 90 minutes of play. Again, there was nothing particularly remarkable about my play except for my lack of it. I rarely got involved, dutifully folding any ace that didn’t have paint attached to it, shunning suited connectors, and playing very careful with just about any hand I saw. It was no way to win a tournament, but I was there more for a $250 lesson in table performance. Over the course of the

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